Lesson 34 Patients and Doctors 病人与大夫-第四册笔记新版

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        This is a sceptical age, but although our faith in many of the things in which our forefathers fervently believed has weakened, our confidence in the curative properties of the bottle of medicine remains the same as theirs. This modern faith in medicines is roved by the fact that the annual drug bill of the health Services is mounting to astronomical figures and shows no signs at present of ceasing to rise. The majority of the patients attending the medical out-patients departments of our hospitals feel that they have not received adequate treatment unless they are able to carry Home with them some tangible remedy in the shape of a bottle of Medicine, a box of pills, or a small jar of ointment, and the doctor in charge of the department is only too ready to provide them with these requirements. There is no quicker method of disposing of patients than by giving them what they are asking for, and since most medical men in the health Services are overworked and have little time for offering time-consuming and little-appreciated advice on such subjects as diet, right living, and the need for abandoning bad habits, etc., the bottle, the box, and the jar are almost always granted them.
        Nor is it only the ignorant and ill-educated person who has such faith in the bottle of medicine, especially if it be wrapped in white paper and sealed with a dab of red sealing-wax by a clever chemist. It is recounted of Thomas Carlyle that when he heard of the illness of his friend, Henry Taylor, he went off immediately to visit him, carrying with him in his pocket what remained of a bottle of medicine formerly prescribed for an indisposition of Mrs Carlyle's. Carlyle was entirely ignorant of what the bottle in his pocket contained, of the nature of the illness from which his friend was suffering, and of what had previously been wrong with his wife, but a Medicine that had worked so well in one form of illness would surely be of equal benefit in another, and comforted by the thought of the help he was bringing to his friend, he hastened to Henry Taylor's house. History does not relate whether his friend accepted his medical help, but in all probability he did. The great
        advantage of taking Medicine is that it makes no demands on the taker beyond that of putting up for a moment with a disgusting taste, and that is what all patients demand of their doctors-- to becured at no inconvenience to themselves.

        New words and expressions 生词短语

        skeptical adj.怀疑的/’skeptikal/ 注意-cal 中 c 读作[k]的很少
        creedal [宗教]信条
        skeptic 怀疑论者,无神论者,怀疑宗教的人
         be skeptical about 对……产生怀疑I’m skeptical about his words.
         distrustful 怀疑的,不相信的 doubtful怀疑的; juberous怀疑的
        forefathers n..祖先
        fervently adv.热情地
          intense adj.热情的
          full-blooded adj. 热血澎湃的; cold-blooded adj.对……无动于衷
          enthusiastic adj.积极的passion n.[宗教]狂热
          passionate n.[宗教]狂热的 He has a fervent love for books.
        curative effect 疗效How about the curative effect?
        cure n.v.治疗,治愈
        cure sb. cure of cancer
        beyond cure 不可救药 cure-all 治百病的万灵药,百宝丹 magic bullet 魔药
        astronomical adj.天文学的
        disaster 灾难 astrology 占星术 astronaut 宇航员
        catastrophe n.大灾难 astronomyn.天文学 astronomical figures 天文数字
        sign n.迹象
          tangible assets 有形资产 intangible assets 无形资产
          remedy 治疗方法 therapy 治疗方法 beyond remedy = beyond cure
        jar n..瓶bottle 瓶子 jar 罐子
        ointmentn..药膏a fly in the ointment 美中不足
        only too 非常 only too hot 太热了 only too + adj.
        dispose of garbage 处理垃圾 Man propose, god disposes.谋事在人,成事在天。
        deal with sth. 处理
        little-appreciated adj.不受欢迎的
        much-appreciated; well-appreciated 很受欢迎的
        received 接受; little-received 不受欢迎的
        unsought 没人理睬的
        grant vt .给予
        grant = give grant sb. freedom 给某人自由; grant sb. permission 允许
        grant sb. financial guaranty 给某人经济保证
        ignorance n. 无知,不知 ; feint 假装
        He always feints ignorance. daffodil 水仙花
        seal vt .封口
        seal n .海豹;印章
        have the seal of death on one’s face 行将就木
        sealed with a kiss.以吻封缄
        dab n.温而软的小块
        it is recounted据说
        it is said 据说
        inscribe 刻字
        subscribe to 订阅(报纸)
        description 描述; inscription 题字
        prescribe for a patient
        write out 开处方
        indisposition n.小病
        minor illness 小病minor operation 小手术I’m indisposed.
        haste n.匆 More haste and less speed. 欲速则不达quicken 加快
        recount (lesson 1)
        in all probability 很可能 (文雅的说法,一般可用 probably)
        He is in all probably coming. (他有可能来) He probably comes. (他有可能来)
        take Medicine 吃药
        put up with 忍受
        I can put up with your ill temper. 忍受 stand, bear, endure
        nauseate 恶心,令人作呕 appetite 胃口
        appetizing 有胃口的,美味的 eyesore 眼中钉,丑的东西
        inconvenience n..不便
        convenience 便利 convenient adj. 方便的
        if it is convenient to you ……
        take convenience of sb. 对某人加以利用 take advantage of sb. 利用某人
        Notes on the text 课文注释
        第一句:This is a sceptical age, but although (尽管) our faith(信任) in many of the things in
        which our forefathers fervently believed has weakened, our confidence(信任) in the curative
        properties of the bottle of Medicine remains the same as theirs.
        完整句型:but although….. 结构(整个句子的突破点)
        两个连词并列,要求至少出现三个谓语动词如:is, has weakened, remains
        but 连接第一句和第三句
        although 连接第二句和第三句
        believe in sth.
        faith in sth.
        confidence in sth. 并列词:信任,相信
        curative properties 治疗特点
        theirs 指代 confidence
        Eg.: was sentimentally attached to this house, for even though it was far too big for her needs,She
        she persisted in living there long after her husband’s death.(第三册 49 课)
        for 因为:even though 尽管

        National Service
        Local Family Service
        Community Service
        Student Service
        take Medicine 拿药,取药
        appointment 预约
        dentistry 牙科:dentist 牙医
        at least six month daytime education
        Free Medical Service
        infectious 传染性的
        v. 孵化;(人)酝酿,冥思苦想
        改句型:our faith has weakened in many of the things in which our forefathers fervently believed
        our confidence in the curative properties of the bottle of Medicine remains the same as theirs
        properties = effects
        Medicines 各种药品
        annual drug bill
        annual meeting 年会
        annual ring 年轮
        drug bill 药单
        bill 帐单
        health Services 卫生部
        WHO = World health Organization 世界卫生组织
        Air Services 航空公司
        travel service 旅行社
        mounting = climb mountain
        astronomical figures 天文数字
        show no signs = show not any sign 没有表现出迹象
        show no signs of
        at present 目前;时间状语提前
        show no signs at present of
        ceasing n.停止,终止
        ceasing to rise = stopping rising
        majority 大多数
        minority 少数

        minority nationalities 少数民族
        I’m attending the hospital.看病
          out-patients departments 门诊
        emergency 急诊
        adequate treatment 足够的护理
        unless 引导条件句
        unless = if not
        tangible 实实在在的
        in the shape of ….. 以这种形式
        My works appear in the shape of poesy.
        My works appear in the form of poesy.
        pills 药丸
        tablet 药片
        dose 药剂,一剂药
        ointment 药膏
        the doctor in charge of the department 主任医生
        only too 非常(注意不是否定的意义)
        no + 比较级 = 最高级
        disposing of patients 打发病人
        he could not come at better time. 他来得正是时候。
        since 表示原因
        overwork 超负荷,工作太忙
        little-appreciated 不受欢迎
        time-consuming 浪费时间
        energy-consuming 费力
        money-consuming 浪费钱
        body-building 健身
        right living = regular life
        kick off 踢开
        quit 扔掉
        general 泛泛的,不具体的
        if you write in this way, it is OK, pretty good.
        Nor …….引出例证
        Nor is it 倒装句
        ill-educated 无知的,没受过教育的
        nor 强调上文,引出下文
        if it be …….虚拟语气,省略 should
          chemist 药剂师
        it is recounted of sb. 据说
        Thomas Carlyle 1795-1881 苏格兰历史学家,散文家
        heard of 听说
        read of / know of / learn of 了解到
        carrying with him 带着
        what remained of 剩下的
        后置定语 formerly prescribed for an indisposition of Mrs Carlyle's
        an indisposition of sb.’s 强调唯一性
        from which 后置定语
        which = illness
        suffer from 得病
        a Medicine that had worded so well in one form of illness
        be of 具有
        be of equal benefit = be beneficial
        comfort 安慰
        hasten to 加快步伐
        make no demands on sb. 对某人没有要求
        beyond = except 除……之外
        shat 指代 demand
        disgusting taste 难受的味道
        put up (for a moment) with ……..插入语
        put up with …..for a moment
        demand of 要求某人干某事
        demand of sb. = demand sb. to do sth.

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